Call for papers – 3rd Transfopress Brasil Conference

The foreign language press: between identity and otherness


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Posted MAY 03, 2017.
Updated JULY 09, 2017.

The 3rd Transfopress Brazil Conference welcomes papers about foreign language press published in Brazil.

Deadline for abstract submissions: June 30th, 2017.
EXTENDED TO JULY 30th, 2017.


♦ Title (specifying geographical and chronological limits);
♦ Summary: 10 to 30 lines;
♦ Information: Name, title, institution, e-mail address;
♦ Minimal title: PhD;
♦ Proposals must be focused on any foreign language periodical press published in Brazil (Portuguese-speaking press is excluded)
♦ Language: Portuguese, French or English

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The Transfopress group (CHCSC-UVSQ) was created four years ago to study the periodical press published in foreign languages. Almost always excluded from national historiography, cited episodically or restricted to research on immigration, this press composes a corpus that has drawn attention to the new issues that it raises. Its singular characteristic provokes reflections on the existence of cultural enclaves in environments of apparent national homogeneity. It also raises ideas about transnational exchanges that result from interactions between multiple actors. Brazilian researchers have been dedicated to register, organize and analyze magazines, newspapers, almanacs, and all sorts of journals published in foreign languages in the many projects that compose the set of presentations in this seminar.

The 3rd Transfopress Brazil Conference, to be held at the Casa de Rui Barbosa Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, on November 13th and 14th 2017, marks the end of the first phase of this collective effort with the presentation of the research carried out so far, the launch of the book Imprensa em língua estrangeira no Brasil: primeiras incursões and the inclusion new contributions in view of the continuity of the project.


Fundação Casa de Rui Barbosa – R. São Clemente, 134 – Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 22260-000

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Dom Quixote e Sancho Pança agradecem a Imprensa seu benévolo acolhimento.
(Don Quixote and Sancho Panza thanks the press for their benevolent welcome
Detail: Brazilians newspapers such as The Rio News, Il Bersagliere and La Voce d’Italia among others national newspapers)
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